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Talk for Multi-Languages Webinar Series — September 22, 2020

Talk for Multi-Languages Webinar Series

Happy to share a talk I gave last week for the Multi-Languages Webinar Series: Thriving In Times of Crisis. I gave an overview of audiovisual translation and an introduction to subtitling.

My talk was followed by an overview of audio description by Joel Snyder, one of the founders of this type of AVT for accessibility.

Thanks to Multi-Languages for this great opportunity to learn and network!

“The Added Value of Subtitles” — January 14, 2015
Another Subtitler Gaining Visibility — February 22, 2013

Another Subtitler Gaining Visibility

Just a few days after the unexpected news about a film on subtitling and subtitlers, another subtitler is the subject of a very nice article published in The Globe and Mail. Once again, the title revolves around (in)visibility and the apparent contradiction of placing subtitles over a screen and trying to keep them unnoticed: “The art of the film subtitler: How to be as unnoticeable as possible“. (I have to admit I’m extremely grateful that they refrained from repeating the puns around being lost/found in translation.)

What is explained there is not news for those who work in this industry, but there’s plenty of interesting (and not so obvious) information for the general public. A good deal is said about the technical challenges, and overall the text praises this experienced and dedicated specialized translator –Robert Gray– and even mentions rates, which is unusual.

I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that subtitles and subtitlers are being more noticed, and in such positive ways. Could it be just the coming Oscars or is there something else in the background?

The Subtitler in Front of the Camera — February 11, 2013

The Subtitler in Front of the Camera


The Invisible Subtitler is now available online, and can be purchased, rented and streamed in selected countries. Click here to watch.

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Now this is a piece of news I honestly didn’t expect: a documentary on the work of subtitlers.

The Invisible Subtitler, directed by Aliakbar Campwal, seems to be an insider’s attempt to raise awareness about and value this profession.

Here is the trailer:

I surely hope to have the chance to see it and comment more about it!

For more information, check their Facebook page.