One of the points I’ve been insisting on, not only here but in classes, lectures and translation forums, is that for a while now audiovisual translation is not a niche within the entertainment sector. It’s actually becoming the norm and permeating all areas where translation and interpretation are involved. Not only do we use the internet to send and receive translations, the internet is increasingly the medium – often the only medium – where a given translation exists, is disseminated and used, making heavy use of audiovisual resources.

Just to illustrate this point, a few months ago one of my clients – a large social network – hired me to translate and subtitle the video below. Its subject is the very expansion of social networks and their growing impact and relevance in the “physical” world. (I know, right? Talk about inception.) This client has now authorized me to share this video with my Brazilian Portuguese translation*. (Hey, more inception?)

Personally, I was impressed with the information provided in this video.

How about you? Do you still think social networks are simply a distraction and audiovisual translation is a poorly paid niche for fans of TV sitcoms?

* I know that readers of this blog don’t need this translation and most of them don’t understand Portuguese, but a little promotion never hurt anyone 😉