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Five Trends in the Language Services Industry — September 15, 2020

Five Trends in the Language Services Industry

And they’re all about multimedia

One of my main clients in the last decade, MCIS Language Solutions is a non-profit community interpretation and translation organization from Toronto, Canada that serves mostly government, legal, police services and healthcare organizations. It is not a video producer and is not involved with the film or TV industry. I have provided text translation services to them for many years, and almost always they revolve around government and social services – not what people would usually associate with the field of audiovisual translation. Still, as has been the trend for a long time now, they have been receiving more and more requests to do subtitling and voice over, among other types of AVT.

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The virtual world is the new real world — January 12, 2015

The virtual world is the new real world

One of the points I’ve been insisting on, not only here but in classes, lectures and translation forums, is that for a while now audiovisual translation is not a niche within the entertainment sector. It’s actually becoming the norm and permeating all areas where translation and interpretation are involved. Not only do we use the internet to send and receive translations, the internet is increasingly the medium – often the only medium – where a given translation exists, is disseminated and used, making heavy use of audiovisual resources. Continue reading

Event on Multimedia Translation — July 24, 2014
Multimedia Ballet & Opera — October 27, 2012

Multimedia Ballet & Opera

How can a “dying art”, as many refer to opera, or an old-fashioned dance style, suddenly attract new generations and reach the largest public ever?

By entering the Multimedia Age, of course!

Some ballet and opera companies have been broadcasting their shows live to cinemas worldwide, such as the Bolshoi Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera, the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera House. Emerging Pictures lists most of these broadcasts. Continue reading