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Talk for Multi-Languages Webinar Series — September 22, 2020

Talk for Multi-Languages Webinar Series

Happy to share a talk I gave last week for the Multi-Languages Webinar Series: Thriving In Times of Crisis. I gave an overview of audiovisual translation and an introduction to subtitling.

My talk was followed by an overview of audio description by Joel Snyder, one of the founders of this type of AVT for accessibility.

Thanks to Multi-Languages for this great opportunity to learn and network!

Five Trends in the Language Services Industry — September 15, 2020

Five Trends in the Language Services Industry

And they’re all about multimedia

One of my main clients in the last decade, MCIS Language Solutions is a non-profit community interpretation and translation organization from Toronto, Canada that serves mostly government, legal, police services and healthcare organizations. It is not a video producer and is not involved with the film or TV industry. I have provided text translation services to them for many years, and almost always they revolve around government and social services – not what people would usually associate with the field of audiovisual translation. Still, as has been the trend for a long time now, they have been receiving more and more requests to do subtitling and voice over, among other types of AVT.

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